2015 Movies in Mini Reviews

Confession: I actually really don’t like writing reviews for…well, anything. I’m just not good at it, unless I really have a lot to say about the thing I’m reviewing. At work, we have a board where employees can post movie reviews, and the longer I’m at the theater, the shorter my reviews become. Most of the time they consist of 1) a short, witty sentence that takes me five minutes to come up with and that I think is extremely clever and funny, 2) an evaluation of how hot the actors were, and/or 3) a doodle relating to the movie. Example: my review for The Force Awakens was just: “It was out of this WORLD”.

Long, detailed reviews just aren’t my specialty.

Which is why I will be reviewing 2015 movies in mini reviews. You’re not going to learn anything or benefit from this, so it’s completely pointless, but I’m doing it anyway.


The majority of movies I see in a year are in theaters. I see a lot of movies. I work at a movie theater, okay? (And I can get in free haha jokes on you)

So here are my reviews of all the movies I saw in theaters in 2015:

  • The Imitation Game 

Centerline Rumblestrips did a good job acting. A+ soundtrack. 4/5 

  • Birdman


  • The Seventh Son

This movie tried its best to be something else but I’m not sure what it was trying to be. 2.75/5

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

Manners maketh man, and this movie maketh me happy. One of my favorites of 2015. 5/5

  • Fifty Shades of Grey

HAHA You thought I actually saw this for a minute there, didn’t you?

  • Chappie

???¿¿¿??? 2/5

  • Cinderella 

It’s exactly what you think it is. 3.5/5

  • The Age of Adaline

Well…that’s awkward. 3/5

  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron 


  • Mad Max: Fury Road

A.K.A. Not-really-Mad Max: Furiosa’s Road Rage. 4.5/5

  • Pitch Perfect 2

It’s funny until you have to watch The Voice credit scene a gazillion times while cleaning. 3.5/5

  • Tomorrowland

Something about a field. I don’t remember. 3/5

  • Spy

Spoiler: it was a movie about a spy. 4/5

  • Jurassic World 


  • Inside Out

I know I was supposed to like this movie, but…*whispers* I didn’t really like it all that much. 2.75/5

  • Minions

I think this movie is what being on drugs is like. 2/5

  • Ant-Man

This movie was…surprisingly good? More Ant-Man please. 5/5

  • Mr. Holmes

The. Whole. Movie. Was. So. Slow. 3/5

  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

For such an embarrassing, poorly-made poster, this movie was awesome. 5/5

  • The Fantastic Four

Yikes. 1.5/5 

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 

Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill = Dream Team. Much colors, wow. 5/5

  • Black Mass

I think it was good?? I was too confused to tell. 3/5

  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


  • The Martian

Getting stranded on Mars? #relatable 5/5

  • Crimson Peak 

I smell an affair…Oh. 3/5

  • The Last Witch Hunter

This movie didn’t even try which actually made it kinda enjoyable. 3/5

  • Burnt

Oo, burn. I think. 3.5/5

  • The Peanuts Movie

Hello, nostalgia. 4.5/5

  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Jake Gyllenhaal was so good. 4.75/5

  • Victor Frankenstein

Welcome to my twisted mind. 3/5

  • In the Heart of the Sea

Thor ain’t lookin’ so hot. 2.75/5

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

Like I said earlier…It was out of this WORLD. 5/5

  • Point Break

Definitely reached my breaking point with this movie. 2/5

To wrap up: I saw over 30 movies in theaters this year (some of which I saw more than once). My favorites were Kingsman, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, The Martian, and The Force Awakens. The movie that disappointed me the most was Inside Out. Worst movie I saw was The Fantastic Four. 

Hope you enjoyed this completely useless post. If you liked this, maybe I’ll do more mini reviews in the future.

Until next time,




The Same Post – But Better!

I really must apologize for disappearing for a bit. I was busy with finals, Christmas, work, spending time with family/friends, and laying around watching TV/playing video games. So all important things. And then just this week I got struck by a horrible cold that I’m still trying to get over. I went to the doctor thinking that I had strep, but turns out I just caught a virus that gave me a nasty sore throat and caused my tonsils to swell up like balloons. Thanks body! Love you too!

After spending the past couple days doing nothing but groaning and sleeping and blowing my nose and watching so much TV I thought my eyes were going to explode, I got bored. Soooo I told myself that I should finally write up a blog post.

And guess what! It’s that blog post! That same one that the majority of bloggers write every single year. You know the one, where I state all of my goals and resolutions for the new year, none of which I’ll actually remember when December 31st rolls around. But hey! It’s the thought that counts. And it makes me feel better about myself…for right now.

But in all seriousness, I would like to actually put in some effort this year with achieving these goals. Yes, I say that every year, but…this year will be different? *fakes confidence*

Anywho, I’ve kind of divided my goals into categories, cuz that’s how I roll ’round here. Let me know what you think of my goals, and tell me about your goals for 2016 in the comments!

Personal Goals

  • Walk more. Okay, so every year, one of my goals is always “get fit” or “run every week” or “Omg can you exercise for at least 15 minutes a week you lazy rat”. And guess what. I SUCK AT EXERCISING. And I’ve finally embraced that. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I just have zero motivation to exercise. It isn’t a hobby of mine, and I don’t enjoy suffering on that torture contraption called a treadmill. But, I do know that exercise is so very important for your health, so I want (and need) to start small. I like leisurely walking, so I’m going to start there. Not only do I get some exercise out of it, but it gives me a chance to clear my mind and get outside for a bit. And no, walking more doesn’t include stress walking to class, hoping that I won’t be too late…Walking more for me means trying to walk for a little bit every day, or as often as possible. This should be easier to do once it warms up outside and winter’s gone.
  • Earlier bed time. AHAHAHA. This one will be hard. While I enjoy mornings, I am definitely more of a night owl. I stay up way too late most nights…And I can tell it’s not good for me. I always wake up feeling exhausted, no matter how much sleep I may have gotten. So I’m really going to try to go to bed even just a little bit earlier than what I’m doing now.
  • Pray more. I feel like I’ve become so bad at finding time to pray…I always seem to come up with petty excuses. I need, and want, to get into the habit of praying throughout the day, even if it’s a quick little prayer. More specifically, I want to find time to pray in the morning and at night before bed. As someone whose faith means a lot to her, I’m kind of ashamed by how little I actually pray…I need to do better.
  • Learn when enough is enough. One problem I had last semester was that I took on way too much. I mean, I got through it, but it wasn’t ideal. My GPA dropped a bit because of it (not drastically – I’m still doing really well, but it was hard to say goodbye to my 4.0…), and I was always doing something or going somewhere and it got exhausting. This year, I need to learn how much I can handle at a time without going insane. This is already relevant, as I need to decide if I want to keep or quit my second waitressing job once January is over…
  • Get a haircut. So this one seems a bit silly, but I haven’t gotten a haircut since I was like, 13 (I mean, I’ve gotten it trimmed – not the same thing). I want to donate it, but that would mean that my hair would be pretty short. And again, this sounds silly, but I’m kind of scared of having short hair again. I love my long hair, and people have told me it looks really nice on me. What if short hair doesn’t look good on me? What if I regret everything?! Regardless, I’m going to get it cut. Gotta try new things, right?

Reading Goals

  • Read 15 books this year. I know, I know, 15 books really isn’t that much. But…well, I haven’t been so great with reading the past couple years, so I wanted to keep it simple and doable. Who knows? As the year goes on, I might increase the number. We’ll see.
  • Read for at least 15 minutes a day. This’ll be good for me, and I think it might help me get past this super-duper long reading slump that I’ve been forever…

Writing Goals

  • Start editing Music’s Curse. Yup, I want to tackle the disastrous first draft of MC. I’d really like to get a solid draft put together so I can at least have my friends read it without being utterly confused. I don’t know how far I’ll get in editing it, but I’d like to start. I’d like to blog about my editing journey, too!
  • Do CampNaNo and NaNo in November. I’d really like to continue working on the story I started halfway through November, and am thinking that I could work on it for one of the Camps (Camp takes place twice, right?). Or maybe I’ll get started on the sequel for Music’s Curse…We’ll see.

Blogging Goals

  • Get back on a schedule. I’ve been posting sporadically, and probably will keep doing if I post anymore while I’m on break. But I’d like to get back to posting on Fridays, preferably every Friday if I can manage.
  • Comment more. I am so bad at commenting on other people’s blogs! I’m just lazy. I love it though when people comment on my posts, so I want to try to get better at commenting on other people’s posts.
  • Follow more awesome blogs. This might be surprising, but I really don’t follow many blogs. I used to, but most of the people I followed are now long gone. I want to find more interesting and fascinating people!
  • Share more original works. This includes pictures, writing, music, artwork, etc. I want to share it with you guys! I like seeing what other people think of my stuff.

The list could go on and on, but I’m going to end it there. I know if I set too many goals for myself, I won’t be able to meet them all, and then I’d be disappointed at the end of the year. This is already a pretty hefty list for me. But I’m optimistic about meeting most of these goals!

Classes start up again for me on the 25th, and you can expect to hear from me before then. I’d like to take a look back at the movies, books, TV shows, music, and such that I experienced during 2015. I’d also like to write a post about the things I’m excited for in 2016!

Until next time,