About the blog

“Never laugh at live dragons.”

The wonderful J.R. R. Tolkien gave this wise piece of advice in his book, The Hobbit. Unfortunately, I don’t usually listen to wise pieces of advice. So I do exactly what Tolkien told me not to do: I laugh at live dragons.

I am not a very wise person.

Thus, I decided to give my blog a name that presents very unwise advice. So if you came here to train to become an old, wise wizard, then alas, you have come to the wrong place, my friend.

“I wisely live life unwisely.” –Erin, 2015. And yes, I am conceited enough to put my own quote on my blog.

For you newcomers (hello) wondering, I am not a new blogger. I have been blogging for many centuries now. In fact, my previous blog had the same title as this one. I created this blog though because I wanted a fresh, new start. So here I am.

I blog about anything and everything under the sun. Writing, reading, photography, art, music, humor, flying dolphins, swimming butterflies…I write about it all. I post 2-4 times a month on Fridays. I frequently share my writing/artwork/photography, and I just ask that you don’t steal any of it. I work hard on it. In fact, just don’t steal anything. That’s not nice.

So…yeah! Hope you stick around!


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