Fall Bucket List



I love fall. It makes my heart want to explode into a gazillion colorful leaves that I can rake up into a pile and jump in. There’s just something about this season that makes me really, really happy. The temperature is perfect, everything is so cozy, the smells of pumpkins and coffee are everywhere, and I can wear sweaters and leggings again. I just love everything about fall.

Since fall is my favorite season, I decided to put together a fall bucket list of things I want to do during the next couple months and share it with you guys. I already did some of these things, so I’ll bold the ones I’ve already completed!

Erin’s Totally Awesomesauceome Fall Bucket List 

  1. Make an insanely huge leaf pile
  2. Buy a fall-scented candle for myself — I actually don’t own any candles?? WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT.
  3. Go to a corn maze — Corn mazes are so much fun, but I didn’t go to one last year and that made me sad.
  4. Make a pumpkin pie
  5. Drink a homemade pumpkin spice latte — Did this! It was delicious.
  6. Drink apple cider — This was also delicious.
  7. Bake something autumn-y — I made pumpkin cream cheese muffins and yes, they were delicious.
  8. Do a Fall Cleaning of my room — What? I want my room to be nice and clean for winter/Christmas!
  9. Crochet/knit something awesome
  10. Talk lots of nature walks/visit places with great fall views
  11. Take lots of pictures
  12. Make fall-related art
  13. Treat Yo Self to new fall clothes
  14. Watch a scary movie — I HATE HORROR MOVIES but I’m actually really interested in seeing Crimson Peak when it comes out. I’M JUST REALLY SCARED.
  15. Make caramel apples
  16. Carve the best pumpkin ever
  17. Dress up for Halloween — I don’t do Halloween parties and stuff but I still just want to dress up anyway. Honestly I just really want an excuse to try doing some super cool makeup.
  18. Eat lots of Halloween candy — A.K.A., steal all the brothers’ candy and eat it.
  19. Snuggle up with a blanket and something hot to drink and read a good book
  20. Snuggle up with a blanket and something hot to drink and watch TV — I’ve been binge-watching Parks & Recreation and drinking apple cider.
  21. Wearing ridiculously awesome clothes and look fabulous — Please, I do this all the time.

So that’s my fall bucket list! We’ll see how many of these I can accomplish before fall is over.

Does anyone else have a fall bucket list or just some things they want to do this fall? Also, how do people celebrate Halloween in the Southern Hemisphere?? Is it still even celebrated on October 31st down there??? Please, if someone knows comment below because I’ve been thinking about it for a while and it’s killing me.

Until next time!